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The Holiday Baking Begins- But first, CHOCOLATE- Gluten Free Brigadieros

Christmas is here and, despite the most untraditional season this year, it is time to bake. Fortunately for my family (and unfortunately for my pants that are probably getting tighter by the day), I am incapable of trimming back my holiday baking habit to "just a small amount". These brigadeiros are a take on a traditional Brazilian confectionary delight that are great when you need a festive chocolate fix. Creamy, full of chocolate flavor, and easy to make put these truffle-like treats at the top of my baking lists this year.


Makes 18-24 candies

1 tablespoon butter plus additional butter for greasing plate and assembing the brigadeiros

14 oz sweetened condensed milk (make sure it is gluten free- I used Wegmans brand)

¼ cup Hershey's cocoa powder (or any gluten free cocoa powder)

Chocolate sprinkes, flaked coconut, crushed pistachios, or other toppings

Coat/grease a medium size plate with butter until it is thoroughly coated. Set plate aside.

In a pot over low heat, melt 1 tablespoon butter. Once butter is melted, add in the sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder. At this point, begin stirring continuously. You have reached the magic point when you can drag your spoon or spatula across the pot and it takes 2-3 seconds to fill across and cover the bottom again. Do not rush this step, or your base will not set up. Once your chocolate mixture is ready, pour onto the prepared plate and allow to cool. Chill for 1-2 hours. Once your base is firm and resembles a softer fudge, you are set. Coat your hands with butter (trust me, you do NOT want to skip this step). Pick off a small ball, roughly the size of one those small rubber bouncy balls you used to play with as a child (jacks, anyone?). Once you have rolled it into a smooth ball, roll in toppings of your choice. I kept it traditional with chocolate sprinkles, because I love chocolate, but this is where you can take a little culinary freedom. Flaked coconut and crushed pistachios are fantastic as well. Place in small paper wrappers for super cool and festive presentation to make everyone wonder where these amazing delights came from.

Enjoy the first one immediately, because you deserve it. Refrain from eating them all at once, because they are better after a quick cool down.

I prefer to chill mine after rolling in the sprinkles so they are slighty firm. For best results, keep them in the refrigerator in an air tight container so they stay fresh!

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